Ten Things My Father Taught Me

The light is in the room where my father spend his final days. This was the first year I celebrated Father’s Day without him. It’s weird to think of Father’s Day as a celebration without him, but I’ve been able to celebrate and shine his life to many people over the last several months. Not to mention how his life (and death) have been effecting me.

In our church we are going through the Book of Romans and we were in the section of the book where the apostle Paul was talking about his struggle. His personal inner struggle. While he never tells us exactly what his issues were, he does invite us into the idea that we are all struggling with something. I called it “Every Man’s Battle” for Father’s Day 2017. My personal struggle is to live up to the legacy and light my dad left me.

Here’s copy of the outline I used for the ten points 10 Things my Father Taught Me and a video of the Bible Study in Romans 7 that lead to the “Ten Things My Father Taught Me” at the end. There’s also a closing prayer that might apply to you.

If you’d rather listen to the audio. Here it is:


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